Brigade El Dorado Amenities

Car Parking
Chilrens Play Area
Club Hous
multipurpose room
swimming pool
yoga deck

The amenities at Brigade El Dorado include:


  • Two clubhouses
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Convenience store
  • Crèche

Health, Fitness, Sports, and Recreation

  • Four-screen multiplex
  • Indoor and outdoor gyms
  • Swimming pools for adults and children
  • Mini cricket field with spectator stands
  • Cricket pitches for practice
  • Basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts
  • Skating rink and a skate park
  • Football field
  • Pet park
  • Children's play area

Relaxation and Leisure

  • Central park/green and central spine
  • Peripheral walkway
  • Reflective water body
  • Peripheral walkway
  • Lawns with seating
  • Woodland with hammocks
  • Landscaped terraces
  • Farm café
  • Feature wall
  • Butterfly garden
  • Mounds and steps with seats and berms
  • Landscaped spine
  • Community farming


  • Bio swales
  • Retention pond
  • Storm water stream
  • Mulch pathways
  • Organic waste convertors
  • Ground water recharging
  • Rainwater storage
  • Solar water heating

Understanding the need for not just quality of residential units, but also quality of life, Brigade El Dorado provides its residents with a host of amenities that cater to their every requirement, from community activities and bonding with their fellow residents to the need for health, fitness, and recreation.

This beautiful enclave boasts of a four-screen multiplex for the entertainment of the residents. The convenience store and crèche are two essential amenities that are provided to make life easy and comfortable for the residents. There are two exclusive clubhouses at either end of the enclave with spill-out lawns and a multipurpose hall that encourage meeting, greeting, and also provide residents the ability to host their own events and celebrations. The various well- manicured lawns with ample seating areas that are peppered throughout the development help in fostering a tight sense of community by encouraging communication. These also act as havens of peace, offering a space for silent contemplation. Speaking of relaxation, the enclave has within itself an expansive 10-acre central park/green, which is a haven for migratory and local birds and a joy to walk or jog through. There is also a beautiful landscaped spine with aromatic plants that runs along the entire length of the enclave. This spine includes landscaped terraces, mounds with berms and seating, a peripheral walkway, woodland with hammocks, and a beautiful reflective water body, all of which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also help in calming the mind and body by communicating with nature. Among the unique offerings of Brigade El Dorado are the butterfly garden and the community farming area with its own farm café - a quiet space for the residents to indulge in delicious, organic gastronomic delights in a verdant, peaceful setting. Adding to the aesthetics of the enclave is a feature wall and a clock tower.

For all those sporty and fitness-conscious residents, the enclave boasts of well-equipped indoor and outdoor gyms, swimming pools specifically for adults and children complete with poolside cabanas, mini cricket field with stands for spectator seating and cricket pitches for practice which are placed between the Jasper and Gallium blocks and diagonally opposite the Helio block. There is also a football field and basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts. With a skating rink and skate park for the wheel-inclined, this enclave ensures you are never at a loss for space to practice the sport of your choice. Brigade El Dorado is conscious of its youngest residents' need for social interaction in the form of play and provides for them a children's lawn area complete with mounds, play platforms, a sand pit, and a planted play area. The attention for detail at this enclave can be seen in the thoughtfully-planned pet park especially for the 4-legged residents. All these sports and recreation areas are located along the central spine of the enclave, surrounded by greenery and easily accessible to all residents, no matter what their sport of choice.

This beautifully designed residential enclave is an eco-friendly project that uses modern technology to achieve maximum energy efficiency and minimize the wastage of water. This is achieved through bio swales, rainwater storage, and a retention pond to aid in ground water recharging. There is also a storm water stream, organic waste convertors, and of course, the availability of solar water heating for the top two floors of each block.

Brigade El Dorado lives up to its name as the City of Gold in Bangalore by providing its residents everything that they desire and ensuring that every resident of the enclave truly lives the quintessential golden lifestyle.

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